Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring System

A commercial refrigerator that’s improperly maintained could cost your business thousands in damages and lost product. With a purpose-designed commercial refrigeration monitoring system, you manage and protect your products and assets. If you’re in the market for a complete system with accurate, real-time monitoring, look no further than the SmartSense Z Sensor!

Easy to Use Temperature Monitoring

Get started with a new SmartSense Z Temperature Sensor fast. Simply plug in the sensor, connect to it, and you’re ready to monitor the temperature of your commercial refrigerator from anywhere in the world! 

No more unnoticed fridge failures, it’s everything you need to keep control of temperature in the palm of your hand. 

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Efficiently Monitor Temperature in Real Time

The SmartSense Z provides real-time temperature monitoring of your refrigeration system. It wirelessly transmits data over the 4G network to a cloud-based app, allowing you to monitor the temperature in your refrigerated environment from anywhere on any device.

Why Choose a Smart Temperature Sensor

If you’re looking for a convenient way to monitor your refrigerated items, you might wonder if a smart temperature sensor is the right choice.
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Wirelessly Monitor Temperature from your Phone

A wireless temperature sensor will let you monitor the temperature of your commercial refrigeration system from anywhere. You'll be able to check how things are going and adjust settings from your phone or tablet. Plus with optional SMS notifications you can get instant alerts if anything changes.

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Easily Control and Maintain Quality

The sensor can monitor the temperature of your refrigeration system and alert you when there's an issue. You'll know immediately where the problem is and how to solve it. You can set it up so that the temperature in your refrigerator doesn't go too high, which will help keep food fresh longer, or too low, which will cost you more in energy bills.

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Simple to Install and Automate

Smart sensors are generally easy to install, so you can get your system up and running in no time. Simply place them in the space you need to monitor, connect to mains power and you’ll be able to monitor the temperature almost instantly.

Total Control of Your Commercial Refrigerator

The SmartSense Z Sensor is a NIST-certified, battery-powered, wireless monitoring device that can be placed directly inside refrigerators, freezers, ambient environments, and other areas where monitoring is required. It works over the 4G network, the same as your phone, ensuring it can stay connected at all times. 

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A Range of Advanced Features

The SmartSense Z is a monitoring system that allows you to remotely monitor your commercial refrigeration systems, with no IT skills required to set it up. 

It comes with plug-and-play technology, and you can connect up to 24 sensors to any gateway. The 5-year battery life and wireless display screen make this system extremely easy to operate.

Who is Thermo Controls

Thermo Controls is a family-run business based in Melbourne. Our company started in the 1970s importing thermometers for the Australian HVAC/R industry. Today, we offer efficient temperature monitoring systems for homes and businesses throughout Australia.

High-Quality Products

Thermo Controls is a premier producer of high-quality refrigeration monitoring systems. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a line of products designed to save energy and reduce operating costs for commercial refrigerators and freezers. These products are available for various applications, including food processing plants, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

Energy and Money Saving

We know that many companies struggle with their energy bills, and we aim to help them reduce these costs by providing energy-saving solutions for their refrigeration systems. These monitoring systems will also ensure your equipment is used optimally, reducing the chance of needing expensive repairs down the line.

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Whether you’re running a restaurant or a pharmaceutical company, temperature control is one of the most critical factors in keeping your products safe and fresh. The SmartSense Z Sensor can help your business by allowing you to monitor your refrigerators’ temperature in real time and save you energy. Order online today!