Universal Energy Saving Remotes

Our Product range includes:
AC Remote Controls, ICM Delay Timers,
Temperature Measurement Tools , and Dial Thermometers.

Smart Sensor
Temperature Monitoring

Easily Monitor The Temperature And
Humidity Of Any Space In Real Time .

Welcome To Thermo Controls

Thermo Controls is a family run business based in Melbourne. Our business started in the 1970’s importing thermometers for the Australian HVAC/R industry. A lot has changed since then as we have expanded our product range to include remote controls, ICM delay timers, temperature measurement tools, temperature monitoring devices and much more. In the past five years we have focused on energy saving remotes to help reduce energy consumption across the hotel, motel and resort industry. Lastly, we now offer a universal TV remote to compliment our best selling Energy Saving Remote.

Universal Energy Saving Remotes

Remote Compatibility

Our Remotes are designed to work with 99.99% of all major airconditioning brands.

Temperature Monitoring Device


Smart Sense Temperature Monitoring

Our Products

Thermo Controls splits it’s range into domestic and commercial products. Our commercial products are sold through some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading wholesalers and retailers. Our domestic range of remotes are available online or by contacting us.

Why Choose Our Products

Why Energy Savings Remotes (ESR)?

ESR is a complete replacement if your air con remote is lost, broken, or simply stopped working. It has the added benefit of having advanced energy saving features that will automatically prevent your AC from getting too hot or too cold. Simple to setup and very easy to operate, the ESR is compatible with 99.99% of air conditioning units worldwide and comes with 2000+ preset codes for 15,000 + Australian and International brands and models.
Ultima II Energy Saving Remote (ESR)
Clean TV Remote

Why Clean Remotes?

Clean Remotes enhance the overall image of room cleanliness. They are Spill-Proof, helping to prevent the remote from being ruined or having sticky buttons. Like our other remotes, they are tamper-proof as guests cannot reprogram or change any menu settings.

These remotes are clinically tested to carry 99% less bacteria than all other remotes tested. We offer a FREE remote holder with every purchase.

Buy Locally From Our Partners

We are partnered with some of the best retailers in the industry.
Our products are available in-store at a range of retailers.