Energy Saving Remote for
Hotels to Save
Power & Save Money

The Energy Saving Remote (ESR) is economical to save electricity around your hotel, motel, or resort

Easy Use for You and
Your Guests

The Energy Saving Remote is designed for easy use for you and your guests. Our remotes are designed to replace the original remote while maintaining all the existing features.

By choosing a temperature range, say 21-24 degrees, your guests won’t be able to run the air conditioner at maximum output yet remain comfortable. The result is the energy saved, reduced wear and tear, and best of all, your guests will be comfortable. Each remote can be installed and set up in minutes.

Simply swap & save. The Ultima II ESR also has a Pseudo temperature display. If you set the remote to 21-23 degrees, the remote display will show 19-25. A two-degree Optional count down timer difference will be negligible for your guests.


  • Program your Min & Max temperatures settings
  • Tamper-proof keypad
  • Pseudo temperature display
  • Optional daily OFF timer
  • Optional count down timer


Reduce your electricity consumption

Save money on your energy bills

Reduce your electricity consumption



Simple to set up and very
easy to operate

Ability to lock in a
temperature range

Compatible with 99.99% of
air conditioning units

Huge savings on
energy costs

A great alternative to the
original remotes

A decrease in the wear
and tear on the

Comes with 2000+ preset
codes for 15,000 +
Australian and International

How much can You Save on Your
Hotel Energy Bills?

Calculating an exact monetary saving is difficult because electricity prices vary by state and provider. However, industry studies indicate increasing your air conditioner by one degree can lower your air conditioner costs by 10%. So, a change from 20 degrees to 21 is a ten per cent saving! Consider the savings when you can lock in a minimum temperature setting of 21 degrees as opposed to 16 degrees. Most spit systems will operate between 16 and 28 degrees. For guests’ comfort, this range is not a necessity; a range of 21 – 24 in summer and 22 – 26 in winters sufficient for most areas of Australia.

The outstanding feature of the Ultime Remote is it only takes moments to adjust and lock in a new temperature range. On top of the direct energy costs, you will save on your next electricity bill, and savings are also achieved on the wear and tear of your capital equipment. Running an air conditioner compressor at maximum output for extended periods will dramatically shorten the life of your equipment.

“We have been using the Energy Saving Remotes throughout Australia since 2014. Being universal, we can deploy them in various mining camps and know they will be fully compatible with the existing A/C units. They are simple to set up, and with the ability to lock in a temperature range, we have seen huge savings on energy costs.”

– Mining Procurement Solutions

“Prior to converting our villas fitted with High Wall Split, A/C units over to the Energy Saving Remote, in the humid summer period our guests would leave the air conditioners running at 16 degrees. As a result, the evaporator coil on the unit would freeze up and when the ice melted, water would run down the wall onto the skirting. causing water damage and guest complaints. All rooms are now set to 20 degrees, as such we have prevented water damage and seen a reduction in our guest complaints and energy consumption.”

– Crown Plaza Hunter Valley

“The Energy Saving Remote was trialled in our Oaks Broome property in 2014. Since then we have introduced the Energy Saving Remotes across multiple Oaks properties across Australia which represents hundreds of rooms. The energy and cost savings we have seen has been significant since adopting the energy saving remote. Our properties see warm, humid summers and cool winters, these remotes deliver a cost saving all year round while providing our guests a comfortable in room experience.”

– Oaks Hotels – Resorts – Suites

“We upgraded our A/C remotes in 2018 and have seen significant cost savings on our energy bills. Along with energy savings, there has been a noticeable decrease in the wear and tear on the compressors. Any hotel owner wanting to save money should look no further that the Energy Saving Remote, simple to install and instant savings.”

– Mantra Lorne

Downloadable Information

Downloadable Information

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